Blessed motherhood

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Of all the things that Covid-19 has changed and ruined and cancelled so far, there is one thing it has brought to me that I am so infinitely grateful for.


If you would have asked me 3 or 4 months ago how I was doing with motherhood, I am not sure how I would have answered you.

I may have said I was doing well.

I may have said I was managing.

And in truth I was managing. I was managing schedules and meals and school assignments. I was managing to get my children to and from their sports, piano, voice, dance and martial arts lessons. I was managing, like a manager. What I failed to see was that I was so busy managing my children and their time, that I was failing them in relationship and intentional time.

Covid-19 hit and changed all the plans. All the schedules and all the managing.

I am a part time ER nurse. So my part-time schedule allows me to be home most of the time now with my children. And you guys, the relationships I am building with these precious humans is more then I ever could have wished for a few months ago.

I was so busy managing them that I wasn’t spending the simple, meaning and intentional time with them that I freely do now. I am sad that they cannot see their friends. But I do not miss rushing them, constantly reminding (nagging) them so that we are not late for the next event. I do not miss being so busy transporting them to and from event to event. I just don’t!

I love that we are creative and that I finally have time to do those things I kept saying I would! We finally sewed the aprons, we finally are baking the cinnamon buns, we play balloon volleyball in the living room as a family, I home school and (mostly) love it. They daily read me books and I try tickle each one of them everyday.

I finally had to slow down. And that showed me what was really important. Is showed me what I was missing. Perspective reminded me that I have everything I ever need right inside my own home.

Father God, I call out to you. First to say thank-you for the amazing blessings in my life. Thank You for your goodness and for all the ways you have provided for me and my family. Forgive me for when my heart forgets to see all the good you have given us out of your overflowing grace and measureless love. I ask your protection over our children, over our neighbors and neighborhoods, over our loved ones near and far. May our hearts acknowledge you and turn to you. Help us to love each other and show that love in our actions and by how we speak to the (little) ones in our lives. In Christ's name, Amen.

Today I am grateful for perspective.

Love, Sarah

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