A Broken Mother’s Day

Updated: May 20, 2020

Yesterday Matt gave me my mother's day gift a day early. He knows my deep love of coffee and I got a beautiful Yeti cup. We decided to go for a drive as a family, naturally I brought my new cup with me. It was empty but I held it and was admiring it while Matt was driving. My heart was full and I was smiling as I admired my cup feeling blessed and loved, surrounded by my family.

And then I saw her. It was only a glimpse, but time slowed down and every detail stood out to me.

She was alone. She sat on the low brick wall in the park we drove past surrounded by evergreens. I looked at her and she looked at me. It was cold and windy with a grey sky. She had sadness on her face, her shoulders were slumped and my heart went to her. Being so full of joy it is easy to forget those around us who suffer on Mother's Day. I do not know this woman's story, but seeing her there with a look of sadness and loneliness reminded me that so many women experience a broken mother's day.

To all the women who experience this day hurting and broken and alone.

To all the women who parent alone with an absent spouse and carry all the weight of raising your children by yourself.

To the single mothers who day in and day out get out of bed and serve your families because love drives you to show up.

To all the women who do not have a mother or mother figures in your life.

To all the mothers who do not have men who celebrate them, to all the mothers who do not get to feel appreciated or valued or told how good of a job you are doing, today I celebrate you.

You women are the everyday heroes because no matter how tired and exhausted and hurt and unappreciated you feel, you keep showing up, keep serving your family even though you cry from the loneliness and tiredness when no one watches. I see you and today I celebrate you.

To all the women who grew up with or have absent mothers who are alcoholics and drug addicted, and you choose to break the cycle and not repeat history, I celebrate you.

To the women who kept their babies even when the voices around you told you not to and now you are a mother, I celebrate you.

To the women who so desperately want to be mothers, but cannot or have not yet been able to, I celebrate you and see the pain of your hard journey.

To all the women who have suffered the loss of a child, I cannot imagine your grief. But today I see you and I celebrate you and your strength.

To all the women who were abandoned by their mothers and had to grow up too fast when you should have been loved.

To my own mother who has overcome so much brokenness, abandonment and adversary and has become the strong woman she is today—she broke the cycle and she showed up every day—today I celebrate you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Sarah

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